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We are a prominent Managed IT Service Provider catering to businesses in Manitoba. With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, we specialize in delivering a comprehensive suite of managed IT services, including network management, cybersecurity, cloud computing, data backup and recovery, VoIP solutions, and strategic IT consulting.


Outsourced Support

Manager Services Provider Winnipeg CompleteView

Managed IT Services needs to provide much more to your organization than IT support and maintenance. In addition to ensuring your IT environment is proactively maintained, we will help you improve productivity, reduce risk, and leverage IT as a competitive advantage.

IT Assist

Augmented Support

Managed Services Provider Winnipeg IT Assist

A flexible service that augments your internal resources to the level required.
A cost-effective way to increase the value of technology in your organization.
A way to improve productivity & security in your organization.

Academy Membership

Training Support

An Academy Membership provides a training plan to help you organize and deliver training to your staff. The Academy Membership obtains staff input which management can then use to select training most beneficial to staff and the organization.

365 Optimization Coach

Microsoft Optimization

Manager Services Provider CloudView Solutions

Understanding how to leverage cloud technologies to become a more efficient, productive organization can be overwhelming. This program is designed to help you do more with your Office 365 investment and to plan your cloud roadmap.

Security Services

Broadview Networks

Ensure you’ve addressed security with technology and policies. Improve your risk profile through 24×7 alerting, firewall monitoring, and availability of security specialists.

Our Accomplishments

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Technology Planning

8 key areas that address business challenges

Why Broadview?

Providing Customized IT Productivity Solutions for Your Organization

Broadview’s goal is to help organizations improve productivity through the implementation and support of technology while Broadview Academy improves staff productivity by helping people use the technology.

Key values we promote:
  • Service Excellence: Giving our best to exceed customer expectations.
  • Balance: Maintaining a healthy work/life balance.
  • Unity: Working together as one team, one company, and one community


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