The Right Tools for the Job

Good business decisions are based on data. Drive greater productivity through KPI’s, dashboards, and automated workflows.

  •  Automated Workflows
  • Visualize Success
  • Tracking & Reporting Data
  • Performance Indicators

Automated Workflows

Consistency is key, but as a species, humans are remarkably inconsistent. For procedures whose steps are complicated, change frequently, or need participation from multiple people, this is a huge problem, leading to mistakes, delays, stressed employees, and angry customers.

Leveraging the power of SharePoint, we can help automate these workflows, improving speed, accuracy, and ease of critical processes, empowering your staff to better do what they do best every day.

Automated Workflows

Visualize Success

Business Intelligence (BI) delivers improved business performance by delivering better decision-making throughout your entire organization. Data visualization tools allow you to economically present data and even automate the process.

To adapt to a world of change, organizations need to create environments where every team and every individual is empowered to do great things with data at their fingertips. This is what we call a “data culture.”

Visualize Success

Data in a meaningful and usable format

Tracking and reporting on incidents

Managing many small and large projects on the go and the ability to easily report on them

Managing contracts & renewals (Who owns them? When are they due?)

Coordination between managers (Board meetings, meetings minutes, notes, strategic planning)

Inefficient approval workflows for things like vacations, travel, expenses, requests, maintenance.

Data Analysis

Dashboards & Performance Indicators

Make it easier to track and communicate what’s important to you and your organization.

With “at a glance” metrics and the ability to drill down to get more detail, you can more accurately spend effort on your core business and keep extraneous activity to a minimum.

Dashboards and Performance

SharePoint Workshop

A live demonstration of up to 2 hours on how to use specific SharePoint functionality that has been introduced to your staff. The goal is typically increased user adoption or improved efficiency.

We recommend performing the workshop for staff that are either within the same department or perform similar functions. Effort includes up to 2 hours of preparation time for our SharePoint Analyst (in addition to the 2 hour demo) which includes a customer discussion to understand current challenges and topics to focus on.

Ensure Client Satisfaction

Get Practical Ideas On How To Automate Processes