We exist to foster an equitable workforce to deliver secure solutions with a low-carbon footprint.

Social Purpose Courses

We offer various courses that align to our Social Purpose

An Innovator that can help you uncover your true meaning and mission.

How Social Purpose will help grow our company​?

  • Our secure services will bring immediate, ongoing and recurring opportunities while we help customers through their cybersecurity journey.​
  • We will attract and retain more employees from a strong and demonstrable social purpose.​
  • Reducing the on-premise carbon footprint with our customer’s technology environment will convert revenue to more sustainable and recurring revenue streams.​

How Social Purpose will create value for our customers and society​?

  • Changing the social geography of our industry.​
  • Lowering the carbon footprint with each customer.​
  • Avoiding negative cyber events. 
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Improving Carbon Footprint

We are improving our carbon footprint by:

  1. Reducing customers on-premise infrastructure by leveraging cloud services;
  2. Discussing resource utilization and options in our strategic technology plans;
  3. Including carbon footprint metrics in proposals, project plans, and project closure reports to ensure compliance.

Lowering Inequality

We are lowering inequality by:

  1. Partnering with local technology schools and programs to assist with the inclusion of all peoples in their programs;
  2. Hiring based on skill and experience irrelevant to gender, race, or social economic background.
  3. Measuring and reporting against benchmarks to ensure progress is made.

Improving Cybersecurity

We are improving cybersecurity by:

  1. Providing the local market with a complete security portfolio, a local certified Security Analyst, and a vISO.
  2. Including cybersecurity in all strategic technology plans.
  3. Providing guidance to all levels of business on the ways to reduce & prevent security breaches.