Understanding how to leverage cloud optimization technologies to become an efficient and productive organization can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we have extensive experience helping small and medium businesses do just that. Our mentors meet with you quarterly and provide the needed direction to get more out of your Microsoft 365 subscription.

Providing Business Value to Your Organization

You likely have a vision of the efficiencies and automation you’d like to enable. Perhaps you even have a vague idea of what could be done with Microsoft 365 applications such as data sharing, automated workflows, dashboards, and voice & video communication, but don’t know where to start.

  • Do more with existing IT investments & stay ahead of your competition
  • Achieve productivity gains through increased automation
  • Maximize cloud value with our cloud optimization coach. 

Topics discussed may include the following:

  • Applications: Understand which Microsoft 365 or 3rd party apps should be adopted.
  • User Adoption: Discuss how well the technology is being adopted.
  • SharePoint Portals: Review options for increased internal and external collaboration.
  • Security: Ensure your data and staff are not at risk from cyber threats.
  • Collaboration: Understand what solutions best march your needs (Teams, huddle rooms, voice options, etc)
  • Work Flows: Identify processes that should be automated.
  • Cloud Backup: Ensure you have the right cloud backup strategy.
  • Cloud Storage: Leverage OneDrive for business or SharePoint data libraries for greater access and lower storage costs.

Be more productive with Microsoft 365

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