Streamlining Success with Intelligent Business Automation

Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 is your work companion that turns your everyday words into a supercharged productivity tool.

Imagine using it with familiar apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams-where it gives you instant smart suggestions to enhance your work.

It’s like having a helpful assistant right at your side, making your creative process smoother and boosting your overall productivity and skills. Let Copilot be your guide to making work feel effortless and efficient.

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Boosting Team Efficiency

Copilot is a tool designed to help everyone in a company, including leaders and managers. It has features that make tasks easier, automate processes, and improve teamwork. You can customize it to fit your company’s unique needs.

Who can Microsoft Copilot Empower?

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    Human Resources

    Store, access, and prioritze notes in a fraction of the time.

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    Jumpstart the creative process and generate ideas while writing.

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    Data and IT Professionals

    Effectively manage shared projects and track progress.

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    Stay focused on closing deals with an AI assistant for email.

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    Simplify financial reporting and validating data quality.

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    Customer Service

    Stay coordinated as a team to resolve more customer issues.

Getting Started with Microsoft 365 Copilot

Attend to learn more.

90-minute presentation format learning session explaining how to use MS365 Copilot. Free until June 30th. Sessions at 10:30AM CDT with many date options. Click here to view the options!

Personal hands-on training.

2-hour one-on-one training for C-level on how to immediately get the most benefit from MS365 Copilot. No setup or deployment included. If this is required, use Readiness Engagement. Contact us!

Deploy & Pilot.

Services to prepare your environment for MS365 Copilot, deploy to 2 staff, and provide guidance on use. Learn more!

Understanding how to leverage cloud & AI technologies to become a more efficient, productive organization can be overwhelming. Our Cloud Coaches can help. They’ll meet with you quarterly and provide the needed direction to get more out of your Microsoft 365 investment. You may have an idea of the efficiencies and automation you’d like to enable, but don’t know where to start. Or you may be concerned with staying informed or current on features that are rapidly changing. This program is the solution!

Program includes a reporting structure which builds an action plan:

We have both SMB & Enterprise implementation teams to assist with any size of MS365 Copilot deployment. These projects would be scoped through discussion to determine your unique requirements and goals. Our deployment teams can be responsible for the entire project or assist your team with specialists as required.

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Interested to see how Copilot works?

Check out this video that provides insights into the functionality of Copilot.

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