Small-Medium Business

Modernize your business - Increase Productivity - Reduce Costs

Helping businesses become more competitive & profitable

Your business must be more productive than ever. Competition has never been more intense.

By following best business practices, proven processes, and leveraging automation, we help reduce technology costs while improving uptime and productivity. We understand budget constraints and how to bring effective change while meeting your financial goals.

Small & Medium Business

As a small/medium business your top concerns likely include the following…

  • Securing your data from external and internal threats
  • Ensuring your employees use technology in a productive manner
  • Retaining and attracting quality staff
  • Leveraging technology to remain competitive
  • Minimizing operation costs
Small-Medium Business

Improve Productivity

On average, we reduce support calls by 50%, resolve 30% of issues on the first call and over 50% of issues within the same day.

Our automated resolution system will improve your systems uptime by resolving on average 70% of found issues automatically.

Our productivity training will allow your staff to be more efficient saving them time and you money.


Reduce Risk

We will monitor and alert on security risks and ensure protection is in place against threats such as ransomware.

Our cyber security training will show your staff how to avoid risky IT behavior.

Our annual data recovery tests help meet insurance requirements keeping your business insurance rates as low as possible.


Leverage IT as a Competitive Advantage

We provide thought leadership through our technology business reviews and develop 5-year strategic roadmaps aligned to your budget.

We leverage cloud solutions, automate workflows, and provide a technology coach to help you make the best decisions for your company.


SMB IT Manager/Admin

If this describes your role, we will make you better at your job. We act as a peer group available for assistance when required. We can help you move from a reactive role, stamping out fires with low value effort, to dealing with issues proactively. We can help you stay current and demonstrate how IT needs are being met within the industry.

Business Owner/Controller

For owners & managers, we keep your business priorities in focus as we provide IT support and strategic direction. Being an employee owned company, we understand the challenges of running a business and how to leverage IT to improve your company.

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