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The advantages of the Broadview Training Centre include

Broadview Academy is Winnipeg’s corporate training provider, employing knowledgeable instructors to deliver customized training that is applicable to your job or career development.

Broadview Academy delivers an instructor-led in-person and virtual training experience.

The goal is speed to competency, ensuring your staff is as productive as possible with the applications they use every day.

Private Group Training

Broadview provides classroom and customer site training, customized education, computer training, and other instructional services for Business, Government, Organizations, Agencies, and Corporate IT Training.

One-on-one Training

Broadview Academy fully understands the pressure of today. Broadview Academy is living them as well. As such, a key offering of Broadview Academy is the willingness to customize its programs to your specific needs.

Subscription-Based Training

If training is a priority, our subscription model may be the right fit for you! Ensure funds are available for training. Select the monthly payment you prefer. Work with our Account Manager to determine the learning that produces the outcomes you require.

Knowledge centres within Broadview Academy


Microsoft Office is the most popular suite of products on the market today for office productivity. Using these products effectively is a critical piece of everyone’s work-related skills. If you are not certain which level of course to attend, please contact us for a free online assessment.


We have developed, designed and delivered training for a variety of commercial software applications. Broadview Academy has the experience to provide comprehensive training for your end-users to maximize their productivity.


From administration courses to security, our Technology programs offer dozens of hands-on, vendor authorized programs in all aspects of technology training for employees and IT Professionals.


Focused on your specific needs and helping you to achieve your goals, our learning philosophy is learner-centered and business-driven. We are dedicated to creating learning initiatives that equip organizations and people with the skills and competencies they need to be innovative productive and competitive. Public workshops and customized on-site solutions will help and inspire you to reach your goals.

Broadview Academy Strategic Learning Plan

Strategic Learning Plan

A Broadview Academy Strategic Learning Plan distributes your training budget evenly over the year while providing you with the assessment, administration, scheduling, and reporting aspects of training to allow you to spend more time in other areas of responsibility. Activities include:

  • Learning needs assessment survey
  • Prepare Strategic Learning Plan
  • Review Plan
  • Planning and coordination of schedule and budget
  • Reporting and monitoring


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