Managed Services

Modernize your business - Increase Productivity - Reduce Costs

Flexible services that provide business value

Managed Services needs to provide much more to your organization than IT support and maintenance. In addition to ensuring your IT environment is proactively maintained, we will help improve productivity, reduce risk, and leverage IT as a competitive advantage.

Small & Medium Business

Our unique approach allows you to tailor the service to your needs and budget. In addition to providing expected services such as monitoring, alerting, and remediation, you can select services such as Office 365 productivity coaching, budget forecasting, managed training, and a variety of security services specifically designed for the small-medium market. Our approach will help you answer questions such as…

  • Can I reduce my IT infrastructure or technology costs?
  • Are my staff as productive as possible with the technology they have?
  • How secure is our data and where are we vulnerable?
  • How do I recover from a disaster and what process do I follow?
Mid-Size and Small Enterprise Business

We have developed services that are designed to complement your internal IT resources and tool set. We offer these solutions within a flexible model allowing you to select and apply the services that provide the most value to your organization. Issues we’ve solved include the following examples:

  • Internal IT are trying to focus on major initiatives or specialized application support. End user support is an interruption and therefore response time is not what it should be.
  • Systems monitoring is in place but there is no process to guarantee alerts are always seen, escalated, or resolved in the required time.
  • The internal technical team has everything under control but there is no redundancy in place.
  • An internal support role has been difficult to staff on a consistent basis.
  • External viewpoints into IT strategic planning would make the organization stronger.
  • User adoption has been a challenge in the past.
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