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Managed Services needs to provide much more to your organization than IT support and maintenance. In addition to ensuring your IT environment is proactively maintained, we’ll help improve productivity, reduce risk, and leverage IT as a competitive advantage.

Demands for Managed Services are at an all-time high with continual growth forecast beyond 2022. There are several reasons organizations are making the switch from internal IT administrator to external partnerships:

complexity of technology-lack of technical expertise
The advantage of cloud platforms
Security Concerns
Cost Savings
Org Demanding Accountability and productivity from IT
Staff Productivity and training

Complexity of Technology / Lack of technical expertise

A single IT admin simply cannot maintain the knowledge to adequately support, secure, and provide IT leadership. With Managed Services, a team of technical resources are able to address the full spectrum of technologies. Internal technical staff are best suited to focus on supporting any unique applications an organization runs.

The advantages of Cloud Platforms

These solutions provide much more reliability and security over in-house hardware, software, and support. Understanding how to leverage these platforms requires experience. Our Office 365 Coach helps customers take full advantage of these technologies.

Security Concerns

Small businesses are prime targets for cybercrime as they have the least expertise and smallest security budgets. Broadview’s managed services improves your risk profile through 24×7 alerting, firewall monitoring, and availability of security specialists.

Cost Savings

Drive greater productivity through KPI’s, dashboards, and automated workflows

A reactive support model leads to greater unplanned expenditures. Managed Services auto-remediation tools can now resolve up to 70% of found issues immediately before your staff realize an issue exists. This is simply a more efficient, low-cost model than the traditional reactive approach.

Organizations demanding accountability & productivity from IT

Technology needs to provide business value and drive greater productivity. Our Strategic Technology Plan defines the business issues that a technology solution will address and how greater productivity is gained as a result.

Staff Productivity & Training

Technology must support the people using it. At Broadview, we train our technicians to recognize user training and adoption issues and are able to address these needs through our Broadview Academy division.

Small & Medium Business

We’re passionate about helping your organization become more productive.

As a business leader, you run your organization based on best practices and have high expectations from your employees and management. The technology your business depends on is supported but you’ve often wondered how productivity can be improved.

It’s time to look at how technology is being used, what efficiencies automation can provide, and establish your long-term Strategic Technology Plan!

Mid-Size & LargeEnterprise Business

We provide best in class enterprise solutions for your organization.

As an IT Admin or Manager, you and your staff do a good job of managing the day-to-day IT operations. However, due to day to day support and administration, there is never time for IT visioning, security roadmaps, and application training for end-users.

We can help with our IT Assist program, you select the options that align to gaps with internal support. Or offload time intensive end-user support so you can focus on higher-value projects!

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