Data Centre Infrastructure

Modernize your business - Increase Productivity - Reduce Costs

Building & Managing Infrastructure


Broadview Networks has a proven framework for designing, implementing, and evolving your Data Centre IT infrastructure to become more agile, secure, and more manageable, while reducing overall IT costs and making better use of available resources. Bottom line: we’ll change your IT from a cost centre to a strategic asset.

Cloud Data Centre

From hosting, migration, and management, Broadview Networks has the skills and partnerships you need for the best possible outsourced infrastructure experience.

Specializing in Microsoft’s Azure platform, we deliver cloud assets that keeps your data in Canada, is simple to manage, and resilient enough to handle all of the day-to-day needs of your business.

Server Infrastructure

Keep your computing power on-premises for the ultimate control of your environment. Broadview’s technical teams architect, deploy, and support a wide range of servers and server infrastructure.

We’ll ensure that your solution is meticulously configured to best run the applications and processes that your business depends on.

License Management

Software & device license management is one of the most effective practices for controlling and predicting the total cost of technology ownership. Our certified licensing specialists can recommend the correct licensing solution for your environment.

In addition, Broadview Networks provides a license management system to our clients at no cost, including regular renewal reminders, turning an often difficult and complex experience into a stress-free, easily organized experience.


The sharing and exchange of data, facilitating collaboration and communications across virtually every single industry. Business networks are the fabric that ties independent IT assets together and connects them to the Internet.

No matter what the architecture of your infrastructure, switches, access points, and firewalls facilitate (and protect) all of your digital traffic, internal and external to your organization.



Safe information retention and retrieval is critical to today’s businesses. With average storage growth peaking about 50% annually, solutions that fit today’s budget and accommodate tomorrow’s growth are necessities.

Broadview Networks has carefully selected technologies and partners to provide the best storage products, implementation, and support.


Get every last ounce of performance out of your technology investment. Virtualization is one of the best ways to reduce IT spend while at the same time increasing performance, compute density, and data security.

Dell EMC Workstation Culture Checklist

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