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Office 365 Migrations

Microsoft Office 365 is a best-in-class productivity solution that allows you to work and collaborate anywhere on your favourite devices with trusted applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook powered by business class e-mail. With Office 365, you can join and host more productive meetings and securely store and access your documents whenever you want. In the browser, on your desktop, or on your mobile device, you’ll benefit from a consistent experience with advanced tools across platforms, including Windows, iOS and Android. Whatever you and your colleagues are working on, the fully integrated experience that Office 365 delivers will help you accomplish what you need to get done to move business forward.

Benefits of Online Data Storage
Key Migration Benefits

1. Increase Productivity:

Cross-platform support allows your staff to access their documents from PCs, Macs, iOS, and even Android devices. This is important because more and more organizations are either issuing or allowing employees to use their own devices that aren’t just PC’s.

Office 365 facilitates collaboration internally and with business partners. One of the main driving force behind the rapid adoption of SharePoint Online and OneDrive is the fact that they give employees the ability to invite co-workers and business partners to access and edit documents and other content in real-time. To collaborate using the on-premises version of MS Office means sending email attachments, and even then, working on the same file at the same time and seeing changes appear in real time would be impossible.

The sharing and collaboration features built in to Office 365 reduces multiple versions of the same documents and keeps everyone working on the same page.

2. Attract new Employees and Improve Staff Retention:

Office 365 is better suited for today’s mobile world. The advent of smartphones has been a game changer. Employees are no longer tethered to their workstations. Office 365 takes advantage of this by making itself available anywhere, anytime. Employees can use Office 365 from their work computers, but they can also go home and use it from their personal computers, knowing that they’ll have access to all their files no matter the time or location.

Multiple licenses per user is included within Office 365 allowing you to provide your staff with licenses for their home (including Mac) and mobile machine if you wish.

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3. Lower Cost:

Reducing on premise IT Infrastructure to support & maintain lowers your long term costs.
Moving to Office 365 reduces future migration costs since your email and collaboration platform is always up to date.

Office 365 gives an organization the flexibility to scale up or down with a predictable cost structure. Pay for what you use, nothing more. Even move between plans as your staff needs change to ensure you’re only paying for what you need.

4. Reduce Risk:

A company’s lifeblood is its data and documents. Losing these can be disastrous and Office 365’s data protection and backup options offer you the peace of mind that you’ll never lose the data you use. Office 365’s security features are more robust than anything that can be built on-premises affordably. Office 365 provides perfile encryption, where every file has a unique encryption key, any updates to the file is encrypted with a new key and the encryption key itself is encrypted.

The latest Antispam services are included which means that email is cleaned before it enters your network. This also means that your Internet bandwidth is not being consumed by spam.

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Featured Add-on for Office 365

Exclaimer Cloud: Exclaimer Email Signatures for Office 365

Exclaimer Signature Manager Office 365 Edition lets an organization centrally design and distribute email signatures to all staff members using Office 365.

Distribute organizational Office 365 email signatures with ease.

Let users see their email signature in Office 365 as they compose their message.

Give different email signatures to different departments depending on their job function within the organization.

Automatically pull user data from Office 365 Directory.

Create multiple email signatures so users can select the most appropriate one for their messages from the Office 365 drop-down menu.

Update all Office 365 email signatures from one central console, providing ultimate control.

Design multiple signatures with dynamic content such as promotional banners, social media links, marketing artwork, compliant legal disclaimers and more.

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