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Communication is Key

We’re all on the go. Multiple offices, work taking us off-site, people and clients working from home, meeting over video conferencing instead of face to face, and it’s getting more fast-paced all the time. It’s easy to step into this lane and get run over, but we can help you make the right choices with the best technology.

Microsoft Teams & Teams Voice

Be a productivity hero! With Teams, you can bring your staff clean, functional collaboration tools including all-in-one chat, calendar, filesharing, and more. With Teams-capable VoIP phones, you can go even further and link calls and meetings directly to your phone (ever copy and pasted a phone number from an email to call someone?).

There are several features and plans that you’d expect from any world class voice solution, but not too many are built with such stable, streamlined simplicity in mind.

Microsoft Teams


Able to integrate with Microsoft Teams and Fortinet’s world-class security infrastructure, FortiVoice is the thread that ties it all together.

VoIP phones, infrastructure (on-prem or cloud), and customizable service and support options – get your business running on the leading edge with Fortinet’s easily-manageable tech.

Security with Fortinet Solutions
Office 365 Optimization Coach

Office 365

Get things done! Collaborate anywhere on your favourite devices with trusted applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook powered by business class e-mail. With Office 365, you can join and host more productive meetings and securely store and access your documents whenever you want.

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