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Client Overview:

Nor-Tec Group is a locally owned and operated premier electrical contracting group in Manitoba. Since 1985 they have grown their experience and depth of resources allowing them to provide clients wide range of solutions that optimize both the performance of their buildings and their budgets.

Nor-Tec Group was frustrated with the amount of time it was taking them to find and create sales reports using Excel. Also, staff were frustrated with the amount of time it was taking to find up-to-date information about ongoing sales, projections, pipelines, etc. They were very interested in having a modern reporting solution that was dynamic, in real-time, and available across desktops and mobiles devices anytime, anywhere.

For instance, they wanted to be able to visualize sales, targets, and margins in one chart, create custom views, workflow automation, or even visualize estimated sales pipelines:

  • Revenue per Estimator
  • Pipeline per year
  • Revenue vs Projections per year
  • Win vs Loss ratio
  • Wins per month
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Good business decisions are based on data. Unfortunately, data is often hard to understand and spread across various applications. Existing data can be consolidated and presented in easily understood real-time visuals. There’s no doubt that being able to view Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other important business data in an interactive way provides for a much more efficient decision-making process.

Nor-Tec Group’s main goal was to display their data in a meaningful and usable format using SharePoint and Power BI. Replacing data from Excel spreadsheets, for instance, one of these spreadsheets needed to be updated 5 times or more a week, entirely manual process.

The solutions aim to offer valuable insights of how their business is doing, helping them better understand sales performance and project execution, achieve productivity, and understand financial performance from many angles.

  • Replace existing Excel spreadsheets & Manual reports
  • Design of SharePoint Dashboards to display critical information
  • Build Power BI reporting Dashboards

An Excel spreadsheet is far from the only way to display dashboards. Keep in mind dashboards are only as good as the data they display. We have designed a dashboard to better read and understand important business data and trends. In conjunction with Nor-Tec Group’s team, we identified new and existing critical elements the organization wanted to measure. Including sales targets, margins, projections, and much more available data that was trackable and able to supply a comprehensive overview of the organization’s KPIs.


SharePoint Business Intelligence tools help to visualize trends and key performance indicators in a graphical and interactive way. As we integrate their metrics within SharePoint the dashboards streamline the information gathering process of decision-makers.

The organization wanted to be able to manipulate live data. We built a data pipeline to extract data from diverse systems into a standard format and display key sales metrics at the right levels to deliver unique insights into how the business is doing and the gaps that need to be addressed. For Stakeholders, we developed customized search solutions to help them locate and retrieve information quicker and easier for customers, meetings, or calls.



Executive Management has access to real-time feedback on company data, making it easier to make business decisions.

Several manual processes have been streamlined through automation.

Several manual processes have been streamlined through automation.

Estimators are now collaborating more effectively on jobs. Data is centrally located and managed from a single repository.


“Critical business data was getting lost in the system and team collaboration on case-related documents was starting to affect our productivity. Now, thanks to our fully customized dashboards it is far easier to organize and retrieve content. Data is managed and reviewed from a single Sharepoint site.

Our employees are now fully up to date with the company’s KPI’s and productivity has substantially improved due to several automated processes, and the ability to efficiently visualize our critical data.

Broadview Networks took the time to understand not only our technical needs but also business processes. This streamlined the development process and allowed Broadview’s resources to create automations beyond what we had originally imagined.”

Steven Shack
VP, Business Development

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