Are Staff & Management satisfied with response times?
Are issues usually resolved without needing to address them multiple times?
Are issues being auto-remediated without manual intervention?

Support Services (2)

Providing Business Value

Managed Services needs to provide much more to your organization than IT support and maintenance. In addition to ensuring your IT environment is proactively maintained, we will help you improve productivity, reduce risk, and leverage IT as a competitive advantage.

Improving Productivity:

  • On average, we will reduce support calls by 50%, resolve 30% of issues on the same call and 60% of issues within the same day.
  • Our automated resolution system will improve your systems uptime by resolving on average 70% of found issues automatically.
  • Our Office productivity course will allow your staff to be more efficient saving them time and your money.

Reducing Risk:

  • We will monitor and alert on security risks and ensure protection is in place against threats such as ransomware.
  • Our cybersecurity course will show your staff how to avoid risky IT behavior.
  • Our annual data recovery tests help meet insurance requirements keeping your business insurance rates as low as possible.

Leveraging IT as a Competitive Advantage:

  • We will provide thought leadership through our technology business reviews.
  • We develop a 5 year IT strategic roadmap.
  • We will help automate workflows and leverage cloud technologies.

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