“Nothing changes until it changes.” Maybe that’s a bit out of date. Technology continues to evolve and advance at greater speeds and larger scales than ever before. The way we work is changing, too.

Open-concept offices and rising real estate costs are contributing to a reduction of the number of individual offices, and the normalization of video conferencing is driving up demand for quality video solutions, and there’s only so many boardrooms and conference rooms available.

Huddle rooms have emerged in this environment. Smaller, focused-purpose spaces for smaller groups to collaborate are growing more and more popular, and technology providers are competing to meet this new demand.

Broadview Networks has partnered with Polycom, a leading provider of collaboration equipment. We can provide modular video and audio solutions which integrate easily with virtually any environment.

Simple-to-manage design and high-quality product makes Polycom’s huddle room solutions a cost-effective productivity engine for small spaces.

We can manage anything and everything from deployment, configuration, support, and even training users on how everything works – promising a tailored experience for each and every one of our clients.

For a discussion about purpose-built audio and video solution designed just for your space, reach out to us today!