As a Microsoft Gold Competency Partner, Broadview Networks has built a class-leading solution around implementing and upgrading Virtualization, Windows Server, Exchange, and other Microsoft Server Products. Broadview is a Canadian leader for Microsoft Virtualization and Core Infrastructure capabilities.

Achieving Outbound AND Inbound Internet Redundancy with Azure Traffic Manager and Azure DNS

From field services providers who complete all of their “paperwork” online to retail outlets that host their inventory tracking software entirely in the cloud, we are now living in an age where modern businesses require constant Internet access in order to remain competitive.  Additionally, connections between business units, vendors and Small Office Home Offices (SOHOs)…

Microsoft Gold Partner

Broadview Networks and Microsoft

Did you know that Broadview Networks is a Microsoft Certified Learning Partner? Broadview Networks is a Microsoft Certified Learning Partner providing career-oriented training to include classes for Access, Active Directory, Azure, Excel, Exchange, Office 365, One Note, Power BI, PowerPoint, Powershell, Project, Publisher, SharePoint, SQL Server, System Center, Visio, Windows 10, Windows Server, Word and…

IT Tip: Three Things to Consider About Virtualization

Virtualization has changed the way computer systems operate in business environments. Gone are the days of one-server-for-one-workload. Cloud economics, from server cost to scalability, from lifespan to security, are making migration of workloads across servers, both internally and across data centers, a reality to be seriously considered as a value-adding system. When thinking about virtualization…

New features abound in Exchange Server 2016

Microsoft introduced Exchange Server 2016 after nearly three years of polishing and refining. Created in the Cloud, this release includes better collaboration, an improved Outlook experience, better search functionality, greater extensibility, and more.

Want to know more? Watch below for a quick look at some of the fantastic new features now available: