Is Your Organization Protected from Cyber Threats?

Organizations around the world rely on the CIS Controls security best practices to quickly establish the protections providing the highest payoff in their organization. The CIS Controls are used by organizations to defend against common cyber threats. By measuring the implementation of the CIS Controls you can better understand your organization’s security posture. 
Failing to keep your security arrangements up to date massively increases the risks to your business. Cybercriminals are getting smarter and are attacking at an increasingly alarming rate. Having a robust solution in place is imperative to the safety of your data.
Take proactive measures to keep your information safe and secure:
  • Identify suspiciously events
  • Continuous vulnerabilities management
  • Controlled use of administrative privileges
  • Incident response and management
  • Provide your organization with greater self-awareness
For organizations looking to improve their security posture and improve their defenses, the CIS Critical Security Controls are a great starting point to reduce your risk of exposure and mitigate the severity of cyberattacks.

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