Protect your organization through CIS Controls

With ransomware attacks up 800% during the pandemic, cybersecurity measures have never been more pertinent. The urgency to adopt a cybersecurity strategy is clear.
Many security frameworks exist and we’ve adopted the CIS (Center for Internet Security) framework as our standard and incorporate other framework controls like HIPAA, OSFI, PCI, NIST, and others to address our client’s goals.
The CIS Controls are a relatively small number of prioritized, well-vetted, and supported security actions that organizations can take to assess and improve their current security state. CIS has organized the controls into three Implementation Groups. The group are self-assessed categories for organizations based on relevant cybersecurity attributes. Each group identifies a subset of the CIS Controls that the community has broadly assessed to be reasonable for an organization with a similar risk profile and resources to strive to implement.
For organizations looking to improve their security posture and improve their defenses, the CIS Critical Security Controls are a great starting point to reduce your risk of exposure and mitigate the severity of cyberattacks.
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