IT Tip: Three Things to Consider About Virtualization

Virtualization has changed the way computer systems operate in business environments. Gone are the days of one-server-for-one-workload. Cloud economics, from server cost to scalability, from lifespan to security, are making migration of workloads across servers, both internally and across data centers, a reality to be seriously considered as a value-adding system. When thinking about virtualization…

IT Tip: The Future of Backup, Disaster Recovery

Two of the most important services you can invest is are backup and disaster recovery. Should anything happen to your network (natural disaster, technical failure, etc.), are you prepared to retrieve any lost information and get back online as quickly as possible?

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Tech Announcement: Additions to Dell PowerEdge Servers

Dell has announced the newest additions to its highly successful Dell PowerEdge 13th generation servers, helping small and midsize businesses (SMBs) prepare for future growth with the introduction of four new entry-level servers that provide greater performance, flexibility and efficiency. The top IT pain points of SMBs around the globe include performance, hardware capacity and IT…

New features abound in Exchange Server 2016

Microsoft introduced Exchange Server 2016 after nearly three years of polishing and refining. Created in the Cloud, this release includes better collaboration, an improved Outlook experience, better search functionality, greater extensibility, and more.

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The importance of Business Intelligence training

Business Intelligence (BI) delivers on improved business performance by delivering better decision making throughout your entire organization.  You can expand your BI skillset and maximize your investment in BI technology with hands-on, instructor-led classes for SharePoint, SQL Server, Crystal Reports, Excel and more. What’s new for business analytics in Excel 2016 Microsoft Excel has new…